Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eating Out

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Welcome back to me. There were a few moments when I had thought of abandoning this blog either because I was busy or I did not have enough interest in it. But, I threw all of that aside, and decided to return. I am back and accountable once again. Now, please do not misread things. I have been on WW, sort of, but having a heckuva hard time. And after a pay-in last month, I am back on the horse so to speak.

Summer, for me, always poses more challenges than most season. There are more BBQs events, more group gatherings, more opportunities for snack time. Well baby, snack time is over. Time to pay the piper, but hopefully not pay the WW piper this month.

This week's topic at WW was Eating Out, my favourite topic since we seem to do a lot of that.

Did you know that the average household eats out approximately 30% of the time each week?? That's 7 out of 21 meals a week. That is a pretty astonishing number, both in terms of calories and $$$$.

So, when we eat out, there are certain red lights that might come on for us (ie, some of the challenges that we may face). What follows is a list of those challenges, followed by a list of things which may not work for us when eating out, followed by a list of things which might work for us (ie, things which can help us to survive the eating out experience).

CHALLENGES with Eating Out
  1. Restaurants tend to put waaaay too much dressing on salads

  2. The infamous bread basket and assorted pre-meal goodies like nachos for example

  3. Desserts (which seem to pop out of nowhere and land in front of us)

  4. Visual sensation of watching other people's meals travel by our table.

  5. The olfactory (or aroma) of other people's meals wafting past us.

  6. The unknown aspect of food. We may look at a meal and wonder just exactly how many points that is going to end up being (and it's probably going to be waaay more than you actually write down in your beloved journal)

  7. How meals are prepared. Did you know that veggies glisten in restaurants because they add oil to make them so? Guess what...that's points!

  8. Portion sizes. Restaurants serve meals that are twice the size as what we would cook at home

What works against us when eating out
  1. Triple and quadruple cheeses....not good....stay away.

  2. The word CREAMY should be an instant turnoff.

  3. Drink your water.

  4. Avoid deep fried, not just from the caloric standpoint, but also from the health standpoint.

  5. The word Alfredo is packed with STUFF.

  6. Gravy ...too much is not good.

  7. Breaded anything....run away now!.

  8. But I had a salad...yes, but don't do Caesar all the time!!!

  9. Saute means that food is cooked in oil or butter...

STRATEGIES (or what can work for us when eating out)
  1. Take your Dining Out book with you, and actually consult it.

  2. Be informed about what you are going to eat. Try to plan.

  3. Ask for half of your meal to go home...or not....

  4. It's okay to ask for gravy and dressing on the side. That way you control how much you really need, and you might be surprised that you don't really need the whole thing.

  5. Look for the Heart Friendly symbol on the menu. This can represent a better choice of food.

  6. Always have a glass of water with your meal, then ask for refills. They're free!

  7. Enjoy the meal. Take your time eating. Put the fork down every so often and relax and savor what you ordered.

Have a good week, and take time to smell your meal!
Til next time.....