Friday, July 18, 2008

Creepy Things

Actually creepy pounds. Just a few...but a few too many for my liking. These creepy pounds, and my struggles, have led me back to this blog....this poor blog which has few visitors (probably because I haven't updated in quite some time). So I decided to change up the template and start fresh.

Welcome me back....both to this blog and to my regular eating regimen.

When I last posted, and previous to that, I had been recounting and regurgitating my visits to my weekly WW sessions. That was fine, but it wasn't really a reflection of what was happening to me. It is an important part of this process, but this time around, I decided to write differently about this continuous weight loss/maintain/gain/loss/maintain/gain/loss/maintain/gain experience.

Because that is what I continually do. I lose. I maintain. I gain. I lose. blah-blah-blah. For some reason, I feel that every time I lose and get back to my 'healthy' weight, I feel that I need to reward myself. That reward could be going for an ice cream (on consecutive nights, having many big dinners that I really don't have points for, or a myriad of other things. Pick one. You probably have a few ideas.

So I finally whacked myself across the head a few too many times. You doh! My workouts were causing me grief and I wasn't always eating the best that I could.

All that to say that I am finally back on track.

I am back to religiously writing down every morsel of food that travels into my mouth....and counting the appropriate points.

I make sure that my activity level is what I am accustomed to doing (I am a workout nut, so this is relatively easy, and I always feel better after I go to the gym and do my thing).

I am making sure that I am drinking the recommended amount of water to flush things out.

I have limited my caffeine intake (not like I was a huge caffeine abuser before).

I have limited my snacks (I still have some but within reason...get a grip eh).

I am doing the majority of my eating during the day.....bigger breakfast (and I don't mean bacon and eggs with extra home fries), medium lunch and smaller dinner....making sure to stop eating after 8pm.

I have removed some known bad foods as well....french fries (though I don't have them on a regular basis, but they are banished from my world).

Mostly I am trying to just be more conscious (instead of unconscious) about the food that floats into my mouth, and striving to eat better quality food.

So, if you decide to come back, you can follow me on my personal struggle...and sometimes it certainly can be a struggle....but it doesn't have to be.