Sunday, November 26, 2006

How Time Flies

Hmmm, this sounds like my other blog It's About Time, but certainly not the same theme. It appears that I have not been here for about a week. Man, time flies sometimes. It's not that I haven't been good, but I have not been stellar either. Although, I've still been working out a lot, to the tune of 6 classes a week, I am still hungry much of the time. My points are still kind of high, but I am trying to get them down to a manageable number. It just gets difficult sometimes when so many things seem to get in the way.

So I am going to keep hanging in there. I said that I would, at least, update the summary table, and I will do that....once I finally tally up some of the days that didn't get their point numbers figured out. *just got busy* what was that stupid saying again....crazy busy.

So, I am still on track, and still tracking.

Til tomorrow.....

Monday, November 20, 2006

Just Like Starting Over

A lot of my posts, both on this blog and my other blog It's About Time, start with a theme song. Just Like Starting Over was a John Lennon song.

Of course I am trying to distract myself from what I really wanted to write about. Confession time in Sleepy Hollow. I am not even going to indulge myself in a current journal update, because it was so utterly disgusting. The points that I have racked up over the last few days totally steal away from any activity points that I will earn for the upcoming week. That sucks. The summary table will be updated with the total points. That should suffice.

Needless to say, I am back on track, again, today. My good intentions have once again been reinstated, and I know what I have to do. Even though the wheels fell off the's game on....again.

You know, it's always one of those things. We can do so well and then sabotage the whole thing by having one or two or three bad days. At least I was aware of what I was doing (no excuse), but able to say 'ok, let's get going again'.

My plan for this week is to increase my water intake, go to my gym classes, go to WW meeting, and track ..properly.

Christmas is right around the corner, peeking at us as a matter of fact, and things will get busier and more hectic. Now is the time to try to get a headstart.

Wish me luck. Where is the weightloss fairy when I need her (him?).

Til tomorrow.....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Teddy Bear Ticker

Have you looked at my sidebar and seen My Teddy Bear Countdown Ticker?
It says that there are 38 days left til Christmas. Hmmmm. A whole lot can happen between now and then. Lots of parties, munchies, drinkies.

So far, we are going to two planned events, and I plan to, at least, be prepared. After all, it's not a surprise that these events are coming, right?
So I guess, part of my plan of attack is to continue with the good things that I am currently doing - the exercise, the tracking, the water, the good choices.

When it gets closer to the events, I will try to not go too crazy during the day, and sabotage my progress, but will probably drink ,more water, and try to reign in the points, leaving me with some wiggle room (pun again).

The Bottom line ====> TRY!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What I Learned Yesterday

As I mentioned in a previous post Yay Me I have returned to my WW meetings. There is always something to discuss, some of it maybe new, some not. Here is a synopsis of what was covered this week.

It was Buyer Beware week, where we were cautioned to read labels carefully, and watch for troublesome products.
  • zero Trans fats

  • Sugar free

  • Lite

  • Serving Size

There is also some info that will go on the sidebar. I just need to find a good way to organize it. It deals with recommended percentages per day for Protein, carbs etc.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Yesterday

I had to write about my yesterday. It was not quite a WOW day, but it was a rushed day, and in the end I had to take a laughable look at the progression of events.

The day started out with my typical small breakfast and lean lunch. I had my half hour personal training session, and 1 hour NewBody class (and of course I remembered to bring my travel snack).

Then the wheels fell off the cart....well sort of.

I had to rush home, shower, and change to get to an election results reception in support of the fellow for whom we canvassed in the municipal election. We didn't have time for dinner at home, so we grabbed Wendy's chicken fillet (not the smartest grab), but at least I didn't get the fries too! Gobbled down the chicken, and ran off for the reception. There was more food, and here's where I get crazy...

There were various types of pizzas (vegetable food groups right?)
Potato chips (potatoes, right?)
Cheese popcorn (2 food groups there, right?)

The saving grace was that I only had one piece of pizza, and didn't pig out too badly on the chips and popcorn.

Today, I am heading over to take in a meeting which will surely give me a boost for the week.

Til tomorrow.....

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Good Jeans

All is good in Sleepy Hollow. My typical of late, frenzied and free-eating non-focus has ended. I am still 'on' and in control and focused. I am still journalling, still drinking my water, still managing my points in a smart fashion.

In fact, everything is so good, that I was able to wear my favorite dressy jeans to the Cousin Get-Together yesterday. That was very cool, and I was elated to be able to actually zip the zipper like normal people do, instead of lying on the bed with a coat hanger attached to the zipper loop, pulling the poor thing in vain.

What were some of my smart choices this past weekend?
  • Ordered garden salad instead of fries (with dressing on the side)

  • Drank copious amounts of water

  • Brought my snacks with me for the car trip (less temptation that way)

  • Took my time examining the menu before ordering (sometimes I get so hungry that I order then think...not good)

  • Had dessert, which My Sweetie and I shared (as usual), and I managed not to scarf more than what I wanted or needed

  • Fell asleep during the last leg of the trip home (this was a good thing, because all of the Tim Horton doughnut shops were now silently calling me).

Til tomorrow.....

Friday, November 10, 2006

Smoothies and Crackers

According to my journal, this week has now ended, and a new one starts. That's a good thing because I am out of any extra points from the '35' group. Now, I might need some of them at some point in the week, since there are a few upcoming challenges. But I think that I have enough control back, and a better attitude, that I shouldn't be in too much danger.... at least that is my hope.

This past week has been quite good. It improved significantly after last Monday, so things are looking up. I also see a small difference in my pants and on my scale (my scale is very accurate to what the WW scale says). So I know that this program does work if I work.

I also switched up a few things. One is a significant change. After I workout, and just as I arrive home, I am so hungry that shoe leather starts to look appealing. I then turn into a foraging bear, scavenging through the cupboards for anything that will fill my hunger. And that usually ends up being a bad thing. So, this past week, I have packed little pick-me-ups to bring with me to the gym, for after my workout......a little package of crispy minis or pretzels or crackers. I don't want an apple or carrots or celery at that point, but I know that I do want something else, and it has to be crunchy. Hence my picks. So far, this is working to my advantage, and I intend to keep that up.

The smoothie bar opened at the gym. Nice bar, with a tropical look and feel. Now, I am waiting for them to produce their nutrition information, so that I can calculate how much one of those tasty little numbers is worth. When I first asked them for this, they looked at me like I was Godzilla. Nutrition labels are appearing on nearly everything these days, and I am the type of person who will not buy an item if it does not have that information. So, the smoothie bar claims to have a 2 point orange smoothie, so I just might try that next week. The smoothies come in a zillion flavors, and are lactose free, cholesterol free, fat free, soy based, and I know what you're thinking....they probably taste awful. BUT THEY DON'T!!! I tried a sample or 2 last spring when the gym had its annual anniversary party. If I recall, it was a pina colada flavour and it was awesome....

So, now that I've worked myself into a nice hungry tummy, I think I am going to bid this post a good night, and dream of smooth yummy smoothies......

Find yourself a little extra something that will keep your control in check, as well as the cravings.

Til tomorrow.....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Since yesterday, I have been on a much better roll. Very pumped (after BodyPump class, go figure), and positive. I also learned something new (even after so many years of doing this, I can still learn something new). This had to do with protein, and to make sure that, with the amount of working out that I do, that I take in a sufficient amount of protein. Even if that be peanut butter, cheese and crackers, whatever. I also have protein powder which I whip up into smoothies (and we're getting a new smoothie bar at the gym....hurrah!).

My yesterday's journal is posted, and it was much more contained, thus pacing ME in control. And, NO, I wasn't hungry (although I do remember, in this world of food aplenty, going to bed hungry a few times). I think I am going to take a snapshot of my favorite regular foods/treats, and post them on the sidebar. They are always part of my regime, so why not introduce them to everybody. They're friendly folk :-)

There is also a new little table at the top of the sidebar. I made this last night. It is a snapshot of each day's points, the total at the end of each week. I still have to factor in where I think I should be in relation to that, but that will come. It just means probably adding a column (like planned and ACTUAL - sometimes the actual is the scarier part).

The sidebar is eventually going to have a recipe pick area. I found a good one today, just in time for the holiday season, which is quickly approaching. We already have our first seasonal invitation! Blimey!

So keep on pumping, and working, staying focused on the prize (it might be a pair of pants, bathing suit, or even doing up your shows without choking yourself).

Whatever that prize is....keep your eye on it.

Til tomorrow.....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bit the Bullet (Yay Me!)

I did it! I returned to my WW meetings, and weighed in, finally, after not weighing for 2 months. Not as bad as I thought I was, and at least now the line has been drawn in the sand, and I can once again begin to track my progress.

A little background. When WW (Weight Watcher) members reach their lifetime goal, they become what is refered to as Lifetime Members (that would be me). You need only need to weigh in at a WW location once a month as opposed to the weekly weigh-ins which were required in order to reach our goal weight. If you fall off the program, and stray from the fold, then you still are Lifetime, only it sometimes gets harder to get back on track without the support. Also, if you do return to WW, then you have to weigh AND you have to pay a minimal fee.

Going back to the meeting today was fun. There are quite a few regular ladies who I enjoy being with, and I especially like the leader, with whom I identify. So, this is all goodness. As a bonus, I walked away armed with some new tools to help me get to a new lower number.

I will be posting my journal from yesterday, which was a WOW day (not in the good sense of the word), but today promises to be much better.

Til tomorrow.....

Monday, November 06, 2006

Pizza Time!

Last night, I mentioned to calabar gal that it was an eat-at-home night. Which it was. We did eat at home, but we ordered pizza (another downfall).

For informational purposes, 3/8 of a medium veggie pizza is 15 points....that's quite a bit. With this, I am now going into the vault of banked points (I always feel like I am sneaking when I do that, but they give the extras for times like that).

calabar gal ==> Tonight really will be an eat-at-home and cook-at-home night.

I am banking on it (heh).

Til tomorrow.....

p.s. - thanks to my good friend and WW leader for the following....

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Went Out For Dinner Last Night

Eating out can be problematic. It doesn't have to be but it can be. You can be guaranteed to have eaten more points worth of food when you eat out.

We went out for dinner last night (after I had done a Spinning class), and for once I made good choices. Sure, I ate more than I would have at home, but I at least made an effort. This morning the scale rewarded me by moving slightly in a downward direction.

Here's what I did last night:
  1. Drank San Pelligrino.

  2. Ordered the tiniest Caesar salad I have ever seen (but it was still heavy).

  3. Ordered the chicken (it came as 2 small pieces; I ate one and brought the other home for My Sweetie (see my other blog for references to him).

  4. Ordered the rebaked potato (I couldn't resist. I cut it in half, ate half and brought the other half home).

  5. Ordered the steamed broccoli.

  6. Had 2 decaf coffees, with milk instead of cream, and of course sugar.

  7. The dessert menu was sparse (Thank gosh because that is one of my downfalls). So we ordered the smallest brownie and shared it, with me having only 3 small bites.

Today, I am back on track. I am in a good frame of mind, again, and want to be back to my manageable weight before the holiday season kicks into gear, because then it will be too late to put the brakes on.

Til tomorrow.....

Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Typical Day

People often ask me what my typical day is like with regards to food and weight management. What I eat. How much I eat. I thought about it, and at first I thought that most people would think I was insane, but then I thought, too bad. This is what I do. And when I am 'on', then this is what I do.

As I strive to return to my healthier weight, my very good friend is currently receiving my Daily Journal in an effort to keep me honest to someone other than myself. Here's my yesterday (no lie!):

3/4 Cup Orange Juice
Tea with Milk and 1 Tablespoon Raw Sugar

2 slices of Whole Wheat Bread
50g Lean Turkey Meat
1 Cup Carrots
1 Cup Chocolate Soy Milk

1 Cup Pasta
1/4 Cup Meatless Sauce
Salad with 1 Tablespoon Raspberry Dressing

Lite Hot Chocolate with 1/4 Cup Skim Milk
Teeny Box of Raisins
1 Slice of Chocolate Mousse Cake (see? not perfect!)

Til tomorrow.....

p.s. - I also did a BodyAttack class, went for a 20 minute walk at lunch, and drank the recommended amount of water.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Welcome to WeightLessInBarrie

This is the first post for this particular blog. The reason that I created it was to provide a way for me to deal with my constant weight loss struggle.

A little history lesson.

Over 20 years, I had gained about 35 pounds, not all of it wanted or needed. I knew that I had to do something, but I wasn't sure what that was. I went to the gym on a regular basis, but my eating was never contained, with no portion control or knowledge of what I should be doing. I met a very special friend at the gym who told me about Weight Watchers, and how I could lose weight easily and keep it off. I soon joined, and lost the weight that I wanted to lose.

I managed to keep the weight off for about 5 years, but my motivation began to lessen, and it became more difficult to stay focused on the work at hand. Hence, this blog and my goal. To shed the unwanted pounds that I have managed to accumulate.

I plan to include information that I use on a regular basis, all based on the Weight Watcher principle, but also include healthy eating tips and ideas.

Hopefully, you will get something out of each visit, and hopefully, I will be able to be 'legal' again.