Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What I Learned Yesterday

As I mentioned in a previous post Yay Me I have returned to my WW meetings. There is always something to discuss, some of it maybe new, some not. Here is a synopsis of what was covered this week.

It was Buyer Beware week, where we were cautioned to read labels carefully, and watch for troublesome products.
  • zero Trans fats

  • Sugar free

  • Lite

  • Serving Size

There is also some info that will go on the sidebar. I just need to find a good way to organize it. It deals with recommended percentages per day for Protein, carbs etc.


Anonymous said...

since you have reached your goal and are now a lifetime member, I am curious as to how many points your are allowed per day. (excluding the weekly points allowance)

masgblog said...

hi anonymous - Let's see. I lost my weight with 25 points per day. Once my goal was reached, and I became lifetime, my points increased dramatically....estimated at 30 to 40 per day (although I tend to look at the overall week as well, since sometimes the day-to-day drives me crazy).

I can actually eat a lot of food, and I also burn quite a bit, because I exercise quite a bit. BUT, in order to stay where I want to be, I still need to track and weigh and measure and generally watch what I do. That becomes routine after awhile. If I don't, and I fall off and don't pay attention to the fruits and veggies and water, then I get into trouble.

The scale doesn't lie.

Thx for stopping by. Come back again.

masgblog said...

anonymous - One other thing. Allowed is not really the best word to describe the process guidelines. WW helps us to decide where we want to be and should be, and so, in getting to Lifetime, there are guidelines for points.

In the end, the more you eat, the more likely it is that you will gain, or at least stay the same, but certainly not lose.