Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Since yesterday, I have been on a much better roll. Very pumped (after BodyPump class, go figure), and positive. I also learned something new (even after so many years of doing this, I can still learn something new). This had to do with protein, and to make sure that, with the amount of working out that I do, that I take in a sufficient amount of protein. Even if that be peanut butter, cheese and crackers, whatever. I also have protein powder which I whip up into smoothies (and we're getting a new smoothie bar at the gym....hurrah!).

My yesterday's journal is posted, and it was much more contained, thus pacing ME in control. And, NO, I wasn't hungry (although I do remember, in this world of food aplenty, going to bed hungry a few times). I think I am going to take a snapshot of my favorite regular foods/treats, and post them on the sidebar. They are always part of my regime, so why not introduce them to everybody. They're friendly folk :-)

There is also a new little table at the top of the sidebar. I made this last night. It is a snapshot of each day's points, the total at the end of each week. I still have to factor in where I think I should be in relation to that, but that will come. It just means probably adding a column (like planned and ACTUAL - sometimes the actual is the scarier part).

The sidebar is eventually going to have a recipe pick area. I found a good one today, just in time for the holiday season, which is quickly approaching. We already have our first seasonal invitation! Blimey!

So keep on pumping, and working, staying focused on the prize (it might be a pair of pants, bathing suit, or even doing up your shows without choking yourself).

Whatever that prize is....keep your eye on it.

Til tomorrow.....

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