Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Welcome to WeightLessInBarrie

This is the first post for this particular blog. The reason that I created it was to provide a way for me to deal with my constant weight loss struggle.

A little history lesson.

Over 20 years, I had gained about 35 pounds, not all of it wanted or needed. I knew that I had to do something, but I wasn't sure what that was. I went to the gym on a regular basis, but my eating was never contained, with no portion control or knowledge of what I should be doing. I met a very special friend at the gym who told me about Weight Watchers, and how I could lose weight easily and keep it off. I soon joined, and lost the weight that I wanted to lose.

I managed to keep the weight off for about 5 years, but my motivation began to lessen, and it became more difficult to stay focused on the work at hand. Hence, this blog and my goal. To shed the unwanted pounds that I have managed to accumulate.

I plan to include information that I use on a regular basis, all based on the Weight Watcher principle, but also include healthy eating tips and ideas.

Hopefully, you will get something out of each visit, and hopefully, I will be able to be 'legal' again.


Cathy Bennett said...

It is a stuggle I know..
One day at a time.does it.
Set yourself a goal and then reward yourself for it.. I was thinknig that I would pay myself 5 dollars for every lb I lost..and then when I have accumulated 25 lbs.. I will go and buy a new outfit or shoes or something..I will not buy any new clothing till then..No maybe I will treat myself at 10 lbs..that's 50 dollar outfit.. This is something to focus on..
Keep up the good work Mau..
Love Cathyxoox

Cathy Bennett said...

Yes..I am using my maden name longer Cormier..

masgblog said...

Rewards can work. I am usually not very good at that type of thing, but I know that you work well with that. I am going to spruce up this site with information that I use on a regular basis,and maybe that will keep me focused.
Thx for coming here! We'll get through it.

Barb said...

Hey! I wish you the best of luck :)

masgblog said...

barb - thank you and feel free to drop by anytime. This is my Big Eye project to primarily keep me focused, and also to help My WW Friend who is also struggling.

Like my other blog, this is real me.

Calabar Gal said...

Good Luck Babes!! Can we have a picture of you "before" so we'll can keep track of ur progress to the "after"? (smile)

masgblog said...

calabar gal - actually if you saw me, you would ask why I do this. Most people think my weight is fine, but I know where it goes (don't we all). When I started this back in 2000, I had a before picture, but I even hate looking at it myself. It's gross.