Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bit the Bullet (Yay Me!)

I did it! I returned to my WW meetings, and weighed in, finally, after not weighing for 2 months. Not as bad as I thought I was, and at least now the line has been drawn in the sand, and I can once again begin to track my progress.

A little background. When WW (Weight Watcher) members reach their lifetime goal, they become what is refered to as Lifetime Members (that would be me). You need only need to weigh in at a WW location once a month as opposed to the weekly weigh-ins which were required in order to reach our goal weight. If you fall off the program, and stray from the fold, then you still are Lifetime, only it sometimes gets harder to get back on track without the support. Also, if you do return to WW, then you have to weigh AND you have to pay a minimal fee.

Going back to the meeting today was fun. There are quite a few regular ladies who I enjoy being with, and I especially like the leader, with whom I identify. So, this is all goodness. As a bonus, I walked away armed with some new tools to help me get to a new lower number.

I will be posting my journal from yesterday, which was a WOW day (not in the good sense of the word), but today promises to be much better.

Til tomorrow.....


jang said...

your outlaw from Innisfil has also joined WW as of yesterday.
I desperately need to get some weight off.

masgblog said...

Welcome jang!! Good for you for joining again. There are a few people who pop by, or prop by (heh). This site was set up so that I could be accountable to someone else other than my own eyes, and it would appear that there are certainly a number of eyes on this!

Feel free to stop by anytime. I try to keep the site pretty current, so there will aways be something new to see.


Barb said...

Good job!