Sunday, November 26, 2006

How Time Flies

Hmmm, this sounds like my other blog It's About Time, but certainly not the same theme. It appears that I have not been here for about a week. Man, time flies sometimes. It's not that I haven't been good, but I have not been stellar either. Although, I've still been working out a lot, to the tune of 6 classes a week, I am still hungry much of the time. My points are still kind of high, but I am trying to get them down to a manageable number. It just gets difficult sometimes when so many things seem to get in the way.

So I am going to keep hanging in there. I said that I would, at least, update the summary table, and I will do that....once I finally tally up some of the days that didn't get their point numbers figured out. *just got busy* what was that stupid saying again....crazy busy.

So, I am still on track, and still tracking.

Til tomorrow.....


Dirk_Star said...

I need your help.

Please come quickly!

Dirk_Star said...


masgblog said...

ring-a-ling? Christmas tune?