Thursday, November 16, 2006

Teddy Bear Ticker

Have you looked at my sidebar and seen My Teddy Bear Countdown Ticker?
It says that there are 38 days left til Christmas. Hmmmm. A whole lot can happen between now and then. Lots of parties, munchies, drinkies.

So far, we are going to two planned events, and I plan to, at least, be prepared. After all, it's not a surprise that these events are coming, right?
So I guess, part of my plan of attack is to continue with the good things that I am currently doing - the exercise, the tracking, the water, the good choices.

When it gets closer to the events, I will try to not go too crazy during the day, and sabotage my progress, but will probably drink ,more water, and try to reign in the points, leaving me with some wiggle room (pun again).

The Bottom line ====> TRY!


Felicia Lippenstein said...

What a cute blog! Checking in for the first time.

I know (obviously) what the Teddy Bear Ticker is -- I studiously try to avoid looking at it on your other blog) but what is the other ticker at the top, that reads 88?

masgblog said...

Thx! The 88 ticker is the number of hits for this blog.

u 2 nice site heh!