Monday, November 06, 2006

Pizza Time!

Last night, I mentioned to calabar gal that it was an eat-at-home night. Which it was. We did eat at home, but we ordered pizza (another downfall).

For informational purposes, 3/8 of a medium veggie pizza is 15 points....that's quite a bit. With this, I am now going into the vault of banked points (I always feel like I am sneaking when I do that, but they give the extras for times like that).

calabar gal ==> Tonight really will be an eat-at-home and cook-at-home night.

I am banking on it (heh).

Til tomorrow.....

p.s. - thanks to my good friend and WW leader for the following....

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Barb said...

Must not steal clipart.. must not steal clipart ;)