Sunday, November 12, 2006

Good Jeans

All is good in Sleepy Hollow. My typical of late, frenzied and free-eating non-focus has ended. I am still 'on' and in control and focused. I am still journalling, still drinking my water, still managing my points in a smart fashion.

In fact, everything is so good, that I was able to wear my favorite dressy jeans to the Cousin Get-Together yesterday. That was very cool, and I was elated to be able to actually zip the zipper like normal people do, instead of lying on the bed with a coat hanger attached to the zipper loop, pulling the poor thing in vain.

What were some of my smart choices this past weekend?
  • Ordered garden salad instead of fries (with dressing on the side)

  • Drank copious amounts of water

  • Brought my snacks with me for the car trip (less temptation that way)

  • Took my time examining the menu before ordering (sometimes I get so hungry that I order then think...not good)

  • Had dessert, which My Sweetie and I shared (as usual), and I managed not to scarf more than what I wanted or needed

  • Fell asleep during the last leg of the trip home (this was a good thing, because all of the Tim Horton doughnut shops were now silently calling me).

Til tomorrow.....

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