Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Yesterday

I had to write about my yesterday. It was not quite a WOW day, but it was a rushed day, and in the end I had to take a laughable look at the progression of events.

The day started out with my typical small breakfast and lean lunch. I had my half hour personal training session, and 1 hour NewBody class (and of course I remembered to bring my travel snack).

Then the wheels fell off the cart....well sort of.

I had to rush home, shower, and change to get to an election results reception in support of the fellow for whom we canvassed in the municipal election. We didn't have time for dinner at home, so we grabbed Wendy's chicken fillet (not the smartest grab), but at least I didn't get the fries too! Gobbled down the chicken, and ran off for the reception. There was more food, and here's where I get crazy...

There were various types of pizzas (vegetable food groups right?)
Potato chips (potatoes, right?)
Cheese popcorn (2 food groups there, right?)

The saving grace was that I only had one piece of pizza, and didn't pig out too badly on the chips and popcorn.

Today, I am heading over to take in a meeting which will surely give me a boost for the week.

Til tomorrow.....

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