Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Helpful Hints for Surviving Christmas

I picked up the lunchtime WW meeting today (actually I went last week and the week before also, but I forgot to blog them).

Last week, the topic was about our Happy Place, a place of escape, where you may find calm and peace.....especially during this possibly frantic and stressful time of year. My Happy Place is always the same....on our sailboat in a quiet bay with no other boats with us. Just us and the quiet and nature. That is My Happy Place.

This week, we talked about a number of helpful hints that maybe will get us through the holidays...and beyond. So, here we go.

@Home Tips

  1. Try to eat healthy.

  2. Cut down on the amount of baking that you do.

  3. Don't take part in the cookie bakeoffs.

  4. Put tempting food out of sight.

  5. Make sure that you have alternatives.

  6. Pick quality food.

  7. Vegetable cocktail is a good way to get veggie servings.

@Party Tips

  1. Don't go to the party h-u-n-g-r-y.

  2. Sample everything only once.

  3. Use a napkin instead of a plate (you're more likely to to eat the messier foods, which are usually pointier).

  4. Wear tight pants.

  5. Look at the selection of food then make choices rather than nosediving and regretting later.

@OutShopping Tips

  1. Eat before you go out.

  2. Try soups or chili at fast food rather than fries.

  3. Bring your treats and snacks with you....brown bag.

  4. Be informed...take your Dining Out Companion with you.

@Work Tips

  1. Send leftover treats home with others.

  2. Move the food if it is near your desk.

  3. Avoid the lunchroom if that is where the leftovers are located.

The Bottom Line => M-O-D-E-R-A-T-I-O-N

Til tomorrow.....


Smalltown RN said...

Hey thank for dropping by my blog....like your pointers for Christmas survival.....

Yes those stone angels on my blog were from Ontario...his sons live there now.

Rhea said...

I never thought to wear tight pants. That just might work.