Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Traditions and Holiday Help

Today, we talked about holiday (Christmas) traditions. Everybody has some tradition that is carried on through generations. It might be special decorations, or a special shortbread recipe, or tourtiere. Whatever that tradition is, especially if it is food related, there are ways to handle all of them.

Here is a mini list that resulted from today's group brainstorming.

  • When you have your turkey dinner, try to put gravy on only one thing, rather than on everything. Pick the turkey OR the potato.

  • For your turkey dinner, choose the potato OR the stuffing. You can have potato anytime of the year, so maybe the stuffing is the choice for celebration.

  • Try smaller portions of everything - except the veggies!

  • Leave the bread and the rolls. These guys you can have anytime. Now, if it is a homemade bun, then you might want to conceded, but otherwise, skip it.

  • Do you really need the cranberry? Think of the points first, then decide.

  • Be sure to walk and exercise ahead. After dinner, try to incorporate a family walk after dinner.

  • Don't take home leftovers, or, if you really must, be picky about what you take home. Maybe you don't take home too many sweets and bread and potatoes.

  • Give yourself a carrot, a reward, for making good choices. Maybe it's a vacation. Maybe it's a new item.

  • Try using a smaller plate for dinner. You'll fit less on it. You can always go back for seconds, but you can be sure that the second time around will be smaller than if you had that bigger plate.

  • Stay hydrated (and we don't mean alcohol!). Keep drinking the required water.

  • On the day of your dinner, wear figure hugging clothing. Don't wear the spandex pants or the expandable waist pants.

Til next time.....

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