Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Easter Challenges

This week's topic at WW was Easter Challenges. We all have challenges of some sort at the various and abundant holidays that are part of our lives. Heck, we can even create a few reasons for challenges....baby birthday etc.

So, with this weekend being Easter, here is a list of some of the challenges that we may face and following that list is a list of possible strategies that you can take to fight those challenges.

  1. Alcohol

  2. Easter chocolate

  3. Traditions

  4. Strange or new places

  5. Travelling

  6. Stress

  1. Bargain for what the points are worth.

  2. Eat through the day. Don't go anywhere starving.

  3. Drink your water.

  4. Plan.

  5. Eat slowly.

  6. Be choosy about what you eat.

  7. Stay moving. Keep busy.

Happy Easter y'all!
Til next time.....

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